Clackamas Community College

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)

UAS-201  Drone Operations Basics: FAA Part 107  
3 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

This course will prepare students to take the Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test to become a commercial uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) pilot. It will cover topics such as: rules and regulations, aerodynamics, navigation, airspace and weather. This course will provide hands-on training for drone operations, including system fundamentals, safety procedures, hazard recognition and air crew performance.

UAS-205  Practical Drone Applications  
2 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

This course will provide the opportunity for students to develop and implement a real-world drone project, such as: geographic data collection, aerial photography and videography; real-time aerial observation and other uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) applications.