Clackamas Community College

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)

The Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) is an internship program which offers students the opportunity to earn college credit by working in a job directly related to their program of study. CWE offers expanded learning experiences through exposure to actual work situations, organizational relationships, equipment, and techniques that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

CCC’s CWE program creates a vital bridge between college studies and workplace success

Requirements & Registration for CWE:

  • Declare a program of study and complete all prerequisites for CWE.
  • 1-3 terms before the end of your program, meet with the CWE instructor in your department to discuss CWE requirements.
  • Determine number of credits to enroll in. You are expected to work approximately 30 hours for each CWE credit.
  • Secure the CWE Work Site
    • If you have a job appropriate to your program of study, get this approved by your CWE instructor.
    • If you do not have a CWE site, find one with the assistance of your instructor.
  • Final Steps to enrolling in CWE
    • Fill out online application. (Application can be found at
    • Fill out the form with 1) the appropriate CWE course for program of study, and 2) the classroom or online CWE seminar.
    • Get signature from your instructor on the registration form.
    • Get signature and stamp from the CWE office on the registration form.
    • Turn registration form in to registration office.
  • Participate in a CWE seminar course on career management skills and complete seminar assignments.
  • Successfully complete 30 hours of work experience for every credit.

Credit & Grading

The number of credits earned depends on the number of hours worked and the program requirements. Students may earn a maximum of 12 CWE credits per year.

# of Credits Hours Worked per Week Total Hours per Term Seminar Hours per Term
6 credits 18-20 hours 180-216 hours 16 hours
5 credits 15-17 hours 150-179 hours 16 hours
4 credits 12-14 hours 120-149 hours 16 hours
3 credits 9-11 hours 90-119 hours 16 hours
1 credit 3-5 hours 30-59 hours 16 hours