Clackamas Community College

Degree and Certificate Information & Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for degrees, certificates and diplomas are subject to approval by the Oregon Department of Education. Students are encouraged to submit a Petition for Graduation two terms prior to their anticipated term of completion. Petitions submitted before the sixth week of each term will be reviewed during the term submitted. Petitions submitted after the sixth week will be handled in date order and may be processed for the current term as time allows. Forms are available at

General Requirements

(applies to all degrees, certificates and diplomas)
You will be evaluated for degree and/or certificate requirements under the current catalog unless a request for a prior catalog year is indicated on your Petition for Graduation form. You must meet the following conditions to request an exception:
  • You must complete 25% of your degree and/or certificate requirements at CCC.
  • You must petition for graduation within one calendar year from the date you completed requirements for the degree and/or certificate.
  • The prior catalog cannot be more than five years old (e.g. in 2021-22, the oldest catalog that can be used is 2016-17).
  • For the catalog selected, you must have earned at least one credit in that calendar year.
  • For the catalog selected, you must have earned at least one credit at CCC in that catalog year.

The awarding of the credential becomes official only when graduation information has been posted to your transcript.

Multiple Degrees/Certificates of Completion

Students may earn multiple different degrees. Student must meet all the requirements for each degree or certificate.

Please note that a separate Petition for Graduation form must be filed for each individual associate degree and/or certificate of completion that you are attempting to earn.

To Successfully Graduate

You will be more likely to graduate if you do the following:

  • Send all transcripts to Graduation Services as soon as possible
  • Have coursework from other colleges evaluated early
  • Talk with an Academic Advisor early and often
  • Complete all requisites for required courses
  • If you change your mind about what you are studying, notify Enrollment and Graduation Services as soon as possible
  • If you plan to transfer to a four-year university or college, contact that institution to inquire about articulation agreements in your field of study
  • Submit a Petition for Graduation form two terms before you think you will be finished with classes so CCC can confirm you have met all of your degree or certificate graduation requirements

Graduation Ceremony

Formal graduation activities are held at the end of Spring term. Students who complete degree or certificate requirements during preceding terms are invited to participate in the Spring term commencement ceremony. Two ceremonies are planned, the first for High School Diploma and GED graduates, and a second for certificate and degree program graduates.

Honors status is granted to students achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on total credits earned at Clackamas. The honors status of Spring term graduates is determined by cumulative GPA through the preceding Winter term.