Clackamas Community College

Related Instruction

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Complete one course from each of the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Computation
  • Human Relations
  • Physical Education/Health/Safety/First Aid

Certificate of Completion (CC)

For a Certificate of Completion that is at least one academic year, complete one course from each of the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Computation
  • Human Relations

Students are encouraged to work closely with an academic advisor if they are planning to transfer to a four-year institution upon completion of any of these programs.

List of Approved Courses


BA-214Business Communications3
BT-124Business Editing I3
WR-101Communication Skills: Occupational Writing3
WR-121English Composition4
WR-122English Composition4
WR-124ESEscritura de ensayos de nivel universitario en español4
WR-222English Composition4
WR-227Technical Report Writing4


Computer Science

CS-133VBVisual Basic.NET I3
CS-161Computer Science I4
CS-162Computer Science II4
CS-260Data Structures4


BA-104Business Math3
MTH-050Technical Mathematics I4
MTH-054Medication Calculations for Medical Assistants4
MTH-065Algebra II4
Higher Level Math course, except 199 and 299

Human Relations


BA-285Human Relations in Business4

Criminal Justice

CJA-250Reporting, Recording & Testifying4


ECE-258ESEquidad y Diversidad en La Educación Infantil4
ED-258Multicultural Education3

Human Services

HD-161Multicultural Awareness3
HS-156Conducting Human Service Interviews3

Oral Communication

COMM-100Basic Speech Communication3
COMM-126Introduction to Gender Communication4
COMM-140Introduction to Intercultural Communication4
COMM-218Interpersonal Communication4
COMM-219Small Group Discussion4
COMM-227Nonverbal Communication4


PSY-101Human Relations3
PSY-215Introduction to Developmental Psychology (for Nursing (RN) Program only)4

Physical Education/Health/Safety/First Aid

Health/Safety/First Aid

  • Courses with an HE prefix
FRP-246Wilderness IV: Backcountry CPR/First Aid/AED2
FRP-255Physical Fitness and Nutrition for First Responders2
HOR-115Horticulture Safety1
MFG-107Industrial Safety & First Aid3

Physical Education

  • Courses with an HPE or PE prefix