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Math Course Pathways and Prerequisites

This math prerequisite chart is designed to help you map out the courses you will take to complete your studies or to meet prerequisites for courses you intend to take.

Identify your math placement level by visiting Testing and Placement Services to meet with a Placement Advising for Student Success (PASS) staff as required by specific programs. Please visit to learn about our placement steps and our PASS Program.

Contact our academic advising team at to identify the right math pathway to meet your academic program or career goal.

Math prerequisite chart with the courses for three pathways to meet CCC academic program or career goals; STATS Pathway for transfer students, STEM Pathway for transfer students or CAREER TECH pathway.

Description of Image

The image shows three pathways of math courses for students to plan their courses. Stats Pathway Transfer, STEM Pathway Transfer, and Career Tech Pathway.

Complete MTH-010 and MTH-020 before starting a path.

Stats Pathway Transfer: MTH-098, MTH-105, MTH-243, MTH-244

STEM Pathway Transfer: 

  • Path One: MTH-060, MTH-065, MTH-095, MTH-111, MTH-112, MTH-251. MTH-231 or CS-250 or MTH-252 or MTH-275
  • Path Two: MTH-060, MTH-065, MTH-095. MTH-211 or MTH-212 or MTH-213
  • Path Three: MTH-060, MTH-065, MTH-095, MTH-105, MTH-243, MTH-244
  • Path Four: MTH-060, MTH-065, MTH-095, MTH-111, MTH-243, MTH-244

Career Tech Pathway:

  • Path One: MTH-050, MTH-080
  • Path Two (Program-Specific): MTH-054
  • Path Three  (Program-Specific): MTH-082A, MTH-082B, MTH-082C, MTH-082D, MTH-082E

Math Placement Resources:

PASS Office

Academic Advising

Math Lab/Tutoring

Math Department