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Registration is available for currently enrolled, returning and admitted students via your Self Service account, fax/mail-in, and in person.

Registration is based on the number of credits completed at CCC (credits completed at other colleges are not counted for registration purposes). Courses in progress during the current term do not count toward this total. You will be notified of your registration date and time through your myClackamas account and Self Service. The registration schedule is also printed in the Class Schedule each term. If you miss your registration window, you are able to register any time after that.

To Change Your Schedule

Adding and Dropping Classes

  • You are required to obtain instructor permission (signature) after the course begins.
  • You must officially drop courses you have registered for if you decide to stop going to class. Ceasing to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal! You will be held academically and financially responsible if you do not officially drop your courses. Official withdrawal is via Self Service or in person.

Changing Grading Method

  • You are required to obtain instructor permission (signature) after the course begins.
  • To change your grading method (from graded to P/NP, or P/NP to graded), you must submit a request to Enrollment and Graduation Services by the Friday before finals week.
  • To change to an audit, you must submit a request to Enrollment and Graduation Services by the Friday before finals week. For more information regarding the audit option, see Audit.

Administrative Withdraw

  • If you don’t attend your class, instructors will drop you. Instructors may do this at any time during the first two weeks of the class. This is called administrative withdrawal.
  • If an instructor does an administrative withdrawal, you may be granted a full refund of charges for the class.
  • An instructor may administratively withdraw you from a course if you are unable to demonstrate fulfillment of the class prerequisite or corequisite.
  • If you are utilizing financial aid or veterans benefits, you may owe a repayment. Please check with these offices for additional information regarding your enrollment status and entitlement to benefits.
  • If you are administratively withdrawn from a course, you will be notified by Enrollment and Graduation Services.
  • Students who are currently registered for a section (e.g., MTH-111 College Algebra) and do not pass the prerequisite (e.g., MTH-095 Algebra III) will be administratively withdrawn from the currently registered course (e.g., MTH-111 College Algebra) by the Enrollment and Graduation Services Office.
  • Students may also be administratively withdrawn from classes due to conduct issues or due to a balance being owed to the college.

Waitlist Procedure

Some CCC classes utilize a waitlist option. If the class you want to register for is full and it has a waitlist:

  • Add your name to the waitlist via Self Service or in person.
  • You will receive an email in your “” email when a spot opens up and you are next on the waitlist
  • Go to Self Service. The course that you were waitlisted for will now say "Register".
  • You will have 48 hours to respond to the invitation.
  • You will be notified by email when you are added to a class.
  • You are academically and financially responsible for the class if you no longer want to be in the class and don’t drop it.

The following conditions may affect your eligibility for waitlist placement:

  • Waitlist capacity has been met.
  • There is a “hold” on your student record that restricts registration.
  • There are course restrictions in place such as “Student Petition.”
  • You are already registered in another section of the same course.
  • There is a time conflict with the course you have selected.
  • You have reached the maximum number of credits allowed (18) without additional authorization.
  • Class has already begun.