Clackamas Community College

Welding Technology, AAS


This program prepares students for entry into these industries: fabricated structural metal products, motor vehicles and equipment, construction and heavy construction, transportation equipment, ship and boat building and repair, aircraft and parts, self-employment and miscellaneous fabricated metal products. 

CCC’s welding instructors are American Welding Society (AWS) certified professionals. The program’s curriculum is based on the AWS national standard for entry level welders.

Course work focuses on the knowledge and skills to perform:

  • Fillet welds and groove welds using:
    • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
    • Gas-metal arc welding (GMAW)
    • Flux-core arc welding (FCAW)
    • Gas-tungsten arc welding (GTAW)
    • Steel, stainless steel and aluminum
    • A variety of different electrodes;
  • Plasma arc cutting (PAC), air carbon arc cutting (CAC-A) and gouging, manual and automatic oxy-fuel cutting (OFC and OFC-Track Burner) processes;
  • Knowledge of materials science and welding theory;
  • Print reading, inspection, quality, safety and shop practices;
  • Fabrication techniques, including job cost calculations, layout, sketching, bills of material, fitting and cutting welding applied to real projects designed by industry partners.

Short-Term Training

For students who need a quick-entry strategy into the workforce, an individualized education and employment plan can be created that concentrates the knowledge and skills necessary to start or change a career path. Please see a faculty advisor for more information.

Oregon Tech Transfer Courses

The Automotive and Welding Department, in cooperation with Oregon Tech, offers a number of transferable classes into Oregon Tech’s Bachelor of Applied Technology and Management degree program. Students planning to continue their studies at a four-year college should consult an advisor to obtain the most recent transfer information.

For information contact Dustin Bates, 503-594-3973,, or the Automotive and Welding Department, 503-594-3047