Clackamas Community College

Accounting, AAS

Program Code: AAS.ACCNTG

This program emphasizes developing an advanced understanding of accounting principles, analytical skills and the capacity to solve problems. Students should have the ability to reason, read with comprehension and compute math applications. The objective of this program is to prepare students for a professional career within a focus area of accounting by building both technical and soft skills.

The program is not designed to lead to a traditional four-year business administration degree. For students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree, this program articulates to a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology and Management at Oregon Tech. 

Oregon Tech Transfer Courses

The Business Department, in cooperation with Oregon Tech, offers a number of transferable classes into Oregon Tech’s Bachelor of Applied Technology and Management degree program. Students planning to continue their studies at a four-year college should consult an advisor to obtain the most recent transfer information.

For information contact Dr. Joan San-Claire,