Clackamas Community College

Business Technology (BT)

BT-120  Personal Keyboarding  
2 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Basic instruction on electronic alphanumeric keyboard. Provides practice for speed and accuracy within an individual program. Students will also develop the necessary skills to effectively use the Internet, use email, and create simple documents within a Google email profile and/or Microsoft Word.

BT-121  Data Entry  
1 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

This course is designed to teach the computer numeric keypad by touch with speed and accuracy using industry standards for data entry. This skill is especially helpful to people in the fields of data entry, accounting, office administration, insurance, banking and finance, and any other work that requires numeric input.

BT-122  Keyboarding Skillbuilding  
2 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Designed to improve keyboarding proficiency using the standard keyboarding by touch method established within BT-120. Speed and accuracy on the keyboard will be further refined. Proper formatting of various types of business communication will be reviewed and established(emails, memos, block-style business letters). Students will utilize Microsoft Word and/or Google documents to create letters and memos.

Prerequisites: BT-120  
BT-124  Business Editing I  
3 credits, Summer/Fall/Winter  

Course builds business communication skills through the study of the written communication process and the correct use of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, types of written business communication, and basic editing principles.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098  
BT-125  Business Editing II  
3 credits, Winter/Spring  

This course continues the study of professional editing and writing in a business office. The continued and correct use of acceptable spelling, grammar, and formatting of business documents will be covered in-depth, with increased practice in writing and editing skills in the composition of letters, memos, emails, reports, and presentations. Functional business reports will be covered in relation to written reports and proposals, as well as customer service phone etiquette and the creation of professional presentations for the workplace.

Prerequisites: BT-124 with a C or better  
BT-160  Word I  
3 credits, Fall/Winter  

Introductory-level course where students learn basic concepts of the Word software program. This course is designed for students who have no or little knowledge of Word.

Required: Access to the following equipment and software: Personal computer or laptop with MS Windows operating system (preferably Windows 8 or 10), MS Word, or access to the CCC Dye Academic Computer Lab for coursework
Recommended: 35 words per minute typing skill or BT-120
BT-161  Word II  
3 credits, Spring  

This is an intermediate-level course where students learn more advanced features of the Microsoft Word software program. The course is designed for students who have completed BT-160, Word I.

Required: Access to the following equipment and software: Personal computer or laptop with MS Windows operating system (preferably Windows 8 or 10), MS Word, or access to the CCC Dye Academic Computer Lab for coursework
Prerequisites: BT-160 with a C or better
Recommended Prerequisites: BT-124 and 35 words per minute typing skill
BT-174  Microsoft Digital Tools for the Professional  
2 credits, Spring  

Introductory course utilizing Microsoft Office 365 digital communication and collaboration tools. The material taught in this course teaches the necessary skills required in business environments that use Outlook integrated with additional Office 365 complementary digital communication and collaboration tools.

BT-177  Microsoft Project  
3 credits, Winter  

Covers the basics of using Microsoft Project to plan, schedule, and track a project. Also addresses communicating project information, assigning and tracking resources and costs, tracing progress, and closing a project. Concludes with students using Microsoft Project to produce management and other reports and to share project information with other audiences and applications.

Required: Access to MS Project or use CCC Dye Academic Computer Lab for coursework  
BT-216  Office Procedures  
4 credits, Winter  

Applies critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative learning skills and knowledge to business office operations. Operational areas include communications, technology, records management, safety, travel, meeting management, mail procedures, reprographics, and career planning.

Prerequisites: BA-131  
BT-262  Integrated Projects  
4 credits, Fall  

Advanced use and integration of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint skills in creating letters, reports, and forms; creation of advanced Excel worksheet reports and budgets; creation of Access databases to generate reports and forms; creation of PowerPoint presentations. Introduction to the use of Adobe Professional for use with documents, forms, and web pages. Google applications such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and Gmail.

Prerequisites: BA-131 and BT-160  
BT-271  Advanced Business Projects  
4 credits, Spring  

Participate in real-world administrative office experience on the campus of CCC by working as team members in a professional environment. Practice using oral and written communications, analyzing information, event and project planning, problem solving, decision making, prioritizing, applying time management skills, and using industry standard technology skills and tools. Each student will spend 60 to 72 hours per term working in a CCC Office (paired with an Administrative Professional), 2 hours per week within the classroom. Required: Student Petition.

Prerequisites: BA-131, BA-205, BT-122, BT-125, BT-160, BT-262, and CS-135S