Clackamas Community College

Computer-Aided Drafting Technology (CDT)

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CDT-102  Sketching & Problem Solving  
3 credits, Fall  

Freehand sketching encountered in drafting engineering projects. Selecting views and implementing drafting standards. Dimensioning, lettering, sections and auxiliary views are covered. Problem solving in individual and group settings.

CDT-103  Computer-Aided Drafting I  
3 credits, Winter  

Introduction to drafting applications using AutoCAD. Instruction includes problem solving, drawing layout, orthographic multi-view projection, line types, geometric construction and current drafting techniques. Use industry standards for CAD drawing, editing, file management, dimensions and notes.

Recommended: CDT-102  
CDT-108A  Introduction to SolidWorks  
3 credits, Fall/Spring  

This course is an introduction to the SolidWorks parametric mechanical software. Students will design 3D solid parts, sheet metal parts and assemblies, and develop 2D documentation from them.

CDT-223  Inventor Fundamentals  
3 credits, Winter  

Introduces parametric and adaptive modeling techniques using Autodesk Inventor. This course will guide students through design environment setup, creation of simple and complex part geometry, assembly building, animation, and detailed 2D drawing output.

Recommended: Basic working knowledge of Windows operating system and Microsoft Excel  
CDT-224  Professional Web Design  
1-3 credits, Spring  

Introduction to the design, creation and management of professional web pages. Basic and intermediate HTML document creation, introduction to JAVASCRIPT, use and manipulation of graphic image files, animating web page graphics, HTML forms. Variable Credit: 1-3 credits.

CDT-225  Advanced SolidWorks  
3 credits, Winter  

Advanced features of SolidWorks will be discussed and problems will be worked that exemplify them. Subjects include equations, configurations, design tables and dynamics. Required: Student Petition.

Prerequisites: CDT-108A