Clackamas Community College

Ethnic Studies (ES)

ES-101  Introduction to Ethnic Studies  
4 credits, Fall  

This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to introduce the multifaceted experience of historically marginalized ethnic and racial groups in the US with an emphasis on Chicano/Latinx, African American, Native American/US First Nations, and Asian Americans. Students will explore theory of the development of race and ethnicity in the US, systemic oppression, comparative historical perspectives, and political resistance and movements, including modern abolitionism and de-colonization.

Recommended: WRD-098 or placement in WR-121  
ES-211  Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies  
4 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

An introductory and survey course analyzing the historical context of Latinos in the United States (US). Beginning with pre-colonial societies on the American Continent, colonization, and moving to the modern Latinx diaspora. Special attention will be given to particular events that shaped and continue to influence the Latinx experience, such as the Mexican-American War, US expansionism, US immigration policy, the Chicano Movement, US foreign policy in Latin America, and the contemporary discourse regarding Latinx in the US.

Recommended: WR-121