Clackamas Community College

Geography (GEO)

GEO-100  Introduction to Physical Geography  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Analyzes the physical elements of the Earth's surface and atmosphere. Focuses on natural processes that create physical diversity on the Earth including weather and climate, biosphere, soils and landforms and explores how these influence human cultural settlement activities.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098  
GEO-110  Cultural & Human Geography  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Introduces geographical perspectives on human population, agriculture, political pattern, language, religion, folk culture, popular culture, ethnic culture, urban development, industry, and transportation as these play out on the diverse landscapes of the world.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098  
GEO-130  Introduction to Environmental Geography  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Explores the contemporary global environmental problems such as: overpopulation, over consumption, ozone layer depletion, pollution, acid rain, deforestation, desertification, and waste problems. Examines alternative sources of energy to fossil fuel and sustainable development strategies.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098  
GEO-208  Geography of the United States & Canada  
4 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

Provides students with the fundamental geographical knowledge of the United States and Canada and their paths of development. Presents the spatial arrangement of culture, economics, politics, and the natural environment.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098  
GEO-280  Geography/CWE  
2-6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Cooperative work experience. Provides students with on-the-job work experience in the field of geography. Variable Credit: 2-6 credits. Required: Student Petition.

Corequisites: CWE-281