Clackamas Community College

Auto Body/Collision Repair (AB)

AB-101  Auto Restoration  
3 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Designed for students interested in auto body repair and painting their own vehicles. Includes dent removal, panel replacement, welding and painting. May be repeated for up to 12 credits.

AB-105  Street Rod Construction Techniques  
3 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

In this course, students will learn panel forming, welding, basic body work and repair of individual projects. Includes shop safety, chemical hazard safety, proper and safe use of tools, basic metal work and finishing, and paint preparation and application.

AB-112  Collision Repair Welding I  
2 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

This class focuses on auto collision damage repair. Emphasis is on Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), welding on light gauge metals, and oxygen-acetylene cutting.

AB-113  Collision Repair I/Nonstructural  
6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Provides basic instruction in collision repairs, including shop safety and chemical hazard safety; proper and safe use of tools; basic metal work and finishing; use of filler; door removal, replacement and alignment; and replacement and alignment of bolt-on front end sheet metal parts.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: AB-112 and ABR-125  
AB-123  Collision Repair Welding II  
2 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Training in light gauge metal repair: Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC), Squeeze Type Resistance Spot Welding (ST-RSW), and other advanced welding techniques specific to collision damage repair.

Prerequisites: AB-112  
AB-133  Collision Repair II/Structural  
6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Repair major body damage using modern frame repair equipment. Includes repair and replacement of bolt-on, bonded, and welded components using the latest technology. Includes introduction to computerized measuring and damage analysis.

Prerequisites: AB-113  
AB-149  Collision Repair Estimating I  
2 credits, Fall  

This course provides instruction in procedure and terminology used in the collision repair estimating field. Body part component identification and the effects of a collision on a vehicle will be studied.

AB-150  Collision Repair Computerized Estimating - Audatex  
2 credits, Winter  

Provides detailed instruction in the use of modern computerized estimating systems in the collision repair field. Focus is on Audatex software.

Prerequisites: AB-149  
AB-151  Collision Repair Computerized Estimating - CCC ONE  
2 credits, Spring  

Provides detailed instruction in the use of modern computerized estimating systems in the collision repair field. Focus is on CCC ONE software.

Prerequisites: AB-149  
AB-222  Collision Repair III/Advanced Structural  
6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Major collision repair with a systems approach: frame and structure, panels, suspension and brakes, electrical and cooling systems. Emphasis on frame and unibody repair, replacement of welded body panels, and diagnosis and repair of related damage.

Prerequisites: AB-133  
AB-224  Collision Repair IV/Advanced Structural  
6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Advanced frame and Unibody repair procedures. Electronic measurement and dimensioning, repair documentation, brakes, suspension, and alignment as they relate to collision repair.

Prerequisites: AB-222  
AB-226  Collision Repair V/Advanced Structural  
6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Uses the latest high quality, productive techniques and equipment to repair vehicles to pre-collision condition. Covers the refined collision repair processes for today's workplace.

Prerequisites: AB-224  
AB-235  Collision Repair Welding III  
2 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Aluminum welding for collision damage repair. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) processes are learned, along with related weld techniques and equipment/safety procedures.

Prerequisites: AB-123  
AB-280  Collision Repair/CWE  
2-6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

Cooperative work experience. Work-based learning experience in an auto body repair shop. Variable Credit: 2-6 credits. Required: Student Petition.

Corequisites: CWE-281