Clackamas Community College

Electronics & Microelectronics (SM)

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SM-136  Photolithography  
2 credits, Winter  

The course covers the relationship between theoretical and practical aspects of current methods and equipment used in photolithography. It also includes troubleshooting common process and equipment-related problems.

Recommended: SM-150  
SM-150  Semiconductor Processing I  
2 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

Provides general background knowledge on the processes required to manufacture integrated circuit devices, beginning with silicon material preparation and ending with final assembly and test of a completed device. Micro-contamination is also covered.

SM-160  Semiconductor Processing II  
2 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

Provides an overview of basic processes involved in the fabrication of finished silicon wafers, oxidation and deposition processes. Troubleshooting of common equipment is emphasized.

Recommended: SM-150  
SM-170  Semiconductor Processing III  
2 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

Covers the essential process and equipment issues related to the etching, diffusion and ion implantation. Troubleshooting of common equipment and process related problems are emphasized.

Recommended: SM-150  
SM-229  Vacuum Technology  
2 credits, Spring  

Focuses on elementary theory and practice of vacuum equipment for microelectronics processing. Students study vacuum fundamentals, pumps, and equipment used in vacuum systems.

Recommended: SM-150  
SM-280  Electronics & Microelectronics/CWE  
1-6 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Cooperative work experience. Practical experience in the high-tech industry. Coordination of instruction will occur with industry and the manufacturing and cooperative work departments. Variable Credit: 1-6 credits. Required: Student Petition.

Corequisites: CWE-281