Clackamas Community College

General Science (GS)

GS-104  Earth System Science  
4 credits, Fall  

A lab course designed to give an overview of the physical sciences by examining the relationship between physics, chemistry and geology in the natural world. Topics include plate tectonics, the Earth's structure, earthquakes/hazards, mineral chemistry, igneous rocks, and volcanoes/hazards.

Recommended: MTH-065 or placement in MTH-095  
GS-105  Earth System Science  
4 credits, Winter  

A lab course examining the chemistry and geology of scientific dating techniques, sedimentary rocks, surface processes, fossils, energy resources and the physics and chemistry of energy resources and mass wasting.

Recommended: MTH-065 or placement in MTH-095  
GS-106  Earth System Science  
4 credits, Spring  

A lab course examining the relationship between chemistry/physics/geology with regards to the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Topics include atmospheric processes, rivers and ground water, beach/ocean processes and climate change.

Recommended: MTH-065 or placement in MTH-095  
GS-107  Astronomy  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

A lab course including the history of astronomy, the Earth and moon, all planets in our solar system, along with asteroids, meteors and comets.

Prerequisites: MTH-065 or MTH-098 with a C or better or placement in MTH-095
Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098