Clackamas Community College

Writing-Reading Skills (WRD)

WRD-080  Reading/Writing Prep 2  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring  

This is the second foundational course for developing reading and writing skills. Students will develop secondary reading and writing skills by increasing habits of mind and building additional strategies to improve skills. Students will read from a broad range of texts, including introductory academic and popular literary texts, and write in an organized, structured manner that demonstrates attention to purpose, context and thought. May be repeated for up to 12 credits.

WRD-090  Introductory College Reading & Writing 1  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Students discuss a variety of short, pre-college-level readings, and learn a process for developing their own paragraphs and very short essays (up to two pages). Other topics include becoming an independent reader, summarizing, and writing academically.

Prerequisites: Placement in WRD-090  
WRD-098  Introductory College Reading & Writing 2  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

Preparation for writing in college-level courses, including WR-121. Students discuss a variety of early-college-level readings, and develop and refine their own essays (up to three pages) through a process of revision and multiple drafts. Other topics include becoming a confident reader, finding and using information, and giving credit to sources through informal citations.

Prerequisites: WRD-090 or placement in WRD-098