Clackamas Community College

Health Professions (HP)

HP-100  Healthcare Provider BLS/CPR, First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens  
1 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

Introduces CPR, first aid, and bloodborne pathogens to individuals working in healthcare environments, home, and community settings. Covers skills to perform CPR and operate an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for adults/children/infants. Includes citizen-level first aid for providing initial care to persons injured or stricken by sudden illness where help is not immediately available. Covers how to minimize communicable disease transmission while providing emergency care.

Recommended Prerequisites: WRD-098
Recommended: Computer access with internet capabilities
HP-110  Medical Terminology  
4 credits, Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer  

This course provides the foundational principles required for understanding medical terms used to communicate effectively within the healthcare field. This includes word meaning and discerning the difference between look-alike and sound-alike words through correct spelling and pronunciation. Students will develop the ability to read and comprehend the content of medical records and reports. Through the review of body systems this course includes introductions to disease processes, basic anatomy and physiology and associated terminology.

HP-120  Introduction to Health Sciences  
3 credits, Not Offered Every Term  

This course introduces students to Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs within Health Professions and prepares students for next steps in applying for competitive program entry.

Prerequisites: WRD-098 or placement in WR-101  
HP-130  Communications and Ethical Practices in Healthcare Settings  
2 credits, Winter  

This course will introduce the student to a variety of communications and foundational aspects of patient care of the healthcare professional. Students will be exposed to Electronic Health Records, the importance of documentation and study pertinent laws in a healthcare setting.

Prerequisites: WRD-098 or placement into WR-101