Clackamas Community College

Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)

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EET-112  Electronic Equipment and Assembly I  
1 credits, Fall  

This is the first course in a three course sequence. Focus is on building and testing simple DC prototype circuits. Covers DC power supplies, DMMs, breadboarding, resistor codes, and capacitor codes. Spreadsheets will be used to organize and analyze data.

EET-113  Electronic Equipment and Assembly II  
1 credits, Winter  

This is the second course in a three course sequence. Exploration of oscilloscope and function generator functions to create and measure time varying signals. Spreadsheets are used to analyze and plot experimental data. Create circuits using PCB software.

Prerequisites: EET-112  
EET-114  Electronic Equipment and Assembly III  
1 credits, Spring  

This is the third course in a three course sequence with a focus on soldering skills. Through-hole and SMT techniques will be introduced.

Prerequisites: EET-113  
EET-127  Semiconductor Circuits I  
2 credits, Fall  

Introduction to the basic concepts of semiconductor devices. Various types of diodes and diode applications will be studied. Industry standard devices will be used.

Prerequisites: EET-142
Recommended Prerequisites: MTH-112
EET-137  Electrical Fundamentals I  
4 credits, Fall  

Introduction to the basic concepts of voltage, current, resistance and their relationships in DC circuits. Use SI units, engineering notation and prefixes. Analysis of series, parallel and series-parallel circuits will be made using Ohm's & Kirchhoff's laws.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: EET-112 and MTH-095  
EET-139  Principles of Troubleshooting I  
2 credits, Fall  

Emphasizes theories and practices useful in troubleshooting failures in electrical applications. Focuses on the overall philosophy and strategy of troubleshooting, drawing applications from residential and varied industrial situations. Includes laboratory projects.

Recommended Prerequisite Or Corequisite: EET-112, and EET-137 or MFG-130  
EET-141  Electrical Fundamentals II  
4 credits, Winter  

Learn methods of electrical circuit analysis, using proper DC theorems. Study energy storage elements including inductors and capacitors. Transient analysis of RC and RL circuits will studied.

Prerequisites: EET-137
Prerequisite or Corequisite: EET-113
Recommended Prerequisite Or Corequisite: MTH-111
EET-142  Electrical Fundamentals III  
4 credits, Spring  

Covers sinusoidal functions and phasors and complex impedance. Analyze systems to determine AC circuit parameters and complex power. Circuits contain voltage and current sources, resistors, inductors, and transformers.

Prerequisites: EET-141
Recommended Prerequisite Or Corequisite: MTH-112
EET-157  Digital Logic I  
3 credits, Fall  

An introduction to digital logic principles, numbering systems & conversions and gate operations. Using principles, circuit analysis will be used to minimize logic networks. Industry standard devices will be used.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: EET-112
Recommended Prerequisites: MTH-065
EET-215  Technical Mechanics  
3 credits, Fall  

Introduction to mechanics. Covers theory of force, work, torque, energy, power, strength, and motion. Vectors and simple machines provide applications for these concepts.

Prerequisites: MTH-080 or MTH-112 or EET-142  
EET-225  Mechatronics I  
2 credits, Winter  

This course explores automation of industrial systems. Students will study the fundamental components of industrial motion control, relay circuits, stepper and servo motors; and power transmission components.

Prerequisites: EET-215  
EET-227  Semiconductor Circuits II  
3 credits, Winter  

Second in a series concentrating on the application, design and circuit analysis of circuits using transistors. Industry standard devices will be used.

Prerequisites: EET-127  
EET-233  Programmable Logic Controllers I  
3 credits, Winter  

Study of basic skills necessary to program, install and maintain industrial control systems utilizing programmable logic controllers. Course content lays a foundation of hardwired relay control systems and components, and then builds on this for an understanding of programmable logic controller (PLC) systems.

Recommended Prerequisites: MFG-130  
EET-234  Programmable Logic Controllers II  
3 credits, Spring  

An advanced course of study that will develop the student's understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) in more detailed Industrial applications through lectures, labs and hands-on examples. This course will emphasize advanced PLC functions and data sets, networking schemes and human machine interfaces.

Prerequisites: EET-233  
EET-235  Mechatronics II  
2 credits, Spring  

This course expands on advanced electromechanical principles with applications in manufacturing and industrial systems. Students will study the applications of Proportional Integral Differential (PID) controllers for motion and process control and the electromechanical components that are integral to industrial machinery.

Prerequisites: EET-225  
EET-239  Principles of Troubleshooting II  
2 credits, Fall  

Covers advanced applications of diagnosis, maintenance and repair of systems. Includes preventative maintenance, applied statistical process, and AC/DC motor controls.

Prerequisites: IMT-139 or EET-139; EET-141 or MFG-131
Recommended Prerequisites: IMT-223
EET-250  Linear Circuits  
3 credits, Spring  

Introduction to the operation and functions of operational amplifiers and linear devices. Design and circuit analysis of op-amps, comparators, converters and special purpose linear devices. Industry standard devices will be used.

Prerequisites: EET-227  
EET-252  Control Systems  
3 credits, Winter  

Covers basic control system and sub-systems used controllers, sensors, transducers, motion and motor control systems.

Recommended Prerequisites: EET-127 and EET-157  
EET-254  Introduction to Microcontrollers  
3 credits, Spring  

Introduction to processor architecture and microcontrollers. Internal structure, registers, busses, control unit. Clock, machine and instruction cycling timing, interrupts and DMA. Instruction set, mnemonics, functions, and assembly language programming. Interfacing to external memory and I/O on-chip peripherals.

Prerequisites: EET-157
Recommended Prerequisites: EET-257
EET-257  Digital Logic II  
3 credits, Winter  

Bus systems and computer peripherals & systems using latches, registers, counters, and memory circuits are developed and analyzed.

Prerequisites: EET-157