Clackamas Community College

Construction Trades, General Apprenticeship, Certificate

(Limited Entry Program-Journeyman’s card required)

Registered Apprenticeship is a method of career and technical education recognized by the Apprenticeship and Training Division of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). It combines on-the-job training and trade-related instruction taken in conjunction with each other.

Apprenticeship courses are approved for BOLI-registered apprentices or journey-level workers and are not available to the general public.

CCC’s apprenticeship programs offer Statewide Associate of Applied Science degrees, Certificates of Completion and Career Pathway Certificates of Completion for journeymen in the areas of Inside Electrician (IE), Limited Energy (LE), Protective Signaling (LE), Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME), Lineman (UL), Meterman (UM), Wireman (UW), Line Estimator (UE), Painter (PT), Plumber (PB), and Machinist (MA).

A journeyman has the opportunity to receive a Career Pathway Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Completion and/or Associate of Applied Science degree in their designated field of study upon the completion of their on-the-job training (OJT), related training, journey level card/certificate and the required Related Instruction courses and possible elective courses, depending on the trade.

Electricians and plumbers require state licensure. Related training courses meet industry standards and are offered through a partnership between the Oregon State Apprenticeship & Training Council and the local Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee.

If you are interested in becoming registered in an Oregon State Apprenticeship program, please contact the Oregon State Bureau of Labor and Industries Apprenticeship and Training Division at 971-673-0761 or for program and entrance requirements.

For more information on CCC’s apprenticeship certificates and degrees, visit the Apprenticeship webpage, or contact the Apprenticeship Coordinator at 503-594-3031 or Apprenticeship Advisor at 503-594-0959,