Clackamas Community College

Horticulture, Certificate

Program Code: CC.HORT

The Horticulture Department provides quality education and training for industry and community members. Greenhouse, nursery, landscape, arboriculture, and organic farming courses integrate technical knowledge, critical thinking, and environmental stewardship.

Horticulture is a hands-on, project-based curriculum with a variety of lecture-lab style classes where students practice industry-related skills and experience growing and caring for plants in all seasons throughout the year. Learning activities involve students in the day-to-day operation of a wide range of power and hand tools used in the trade, including: mowers, rototillers, tractors, skid steer loader, pruning tools, and greenhouse equipment. Students cultivate plants in CCC’s extensive farm, ornamental gardens, and greenhouse facilities. This degree sets a foundation for general horticulture while allowing students to “choose their own adventure” with a wide selection of elective courses that meet their interests.

Students may begin this program any term, although a fall start is recommended. Degree options include a one-year certificate program or a two-year Horticulture AAS. Following the course offerings in the order listed will allow for completion in the one or two-year period.

For information contact April Chastain, Horticulture Department advisor, 503-594-3055 or